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Raquel Welch

Alex enjoying some fresh air...

Raquel Welch

Alex with his bestie ...he loves her!


Raquel Welch

Tatum (black, formerly known as “Magic”) and Maximus (white, formerly known as Charlie) hanging out in the sun. Both greys are amazing and love spending time at the park and hanging out with the cat. 


Shiner, looking for the beer truck.

Raquel Welch
Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch

BlueBerry, Ace, Shiner and Dr. Who enjoying a bit of sun.

Raquel Welch

My most treasured “Raquel Welch” adopted 5 July 2020 taking a look at her new world. She is 11 years of age. I treasure every minute of her companionship.
Very thankful to have her in my life. Patty

Rex & Soda

Rex (TMCs Kid Rock) & Soda (WWs Cream Soda)
always loving retirement here in Mesa, AZ.Rex & Soda


Woody - adopted January 2020 enjoying the patio couch... living his best life! 


This is Fawn. She really wants a playmate.



Toby, formerly known as Chopper, has been with us for six years and he has been an absolute joy. We love him. Thank you GPA for bringing us together. ❤️



Skip, smiling in his favorite pose.



Starz update: Sun bathing with her new friend Serria...we just love her so much!!!


James (James Dohema) was adopted in 2012 and is
still having a blast! He likes to run in the fenced field
every Sunday, where he plays a great game of fetch.
He will be 8 years old January, 2018.



Gisela's girl, Maggie. Having fun at a M&G


Here's some holiday mugshots for you! I'm so greytful to GPA for introducing
me to my new best friend. I don't know where I'd be without him!

Alex Norman



Here is a picture of my hubby with our 2 greys (Carrera & Recon) at a campground in Pismo Beach. Right up from our RV site there was a reconditioned Greyhound Bus....just had to do pictures :)



KimiKimi (10/25/2001 – 08/15/2016)
Click for her story



Boomer and his family (Mouse and Charlie ) enjoying a lazy afternoon.



Busy Bee (left) and her sister Lefty. Best of friends.


This is Jamie who we adopted on March 21, 2015.
She has adapted very well and gets along great with our small mixed breed.
Her favorite things to do is eat and play with her adopted sister.



This is Senna (Randy Daytona) who my parents adopted last April! He loves to sleep everywhere, do lots of zoomies, and make derp faces with his tongue out! He's a trouble maker, but a very cute one.


Rusty knows how to lounge! Took away the sofa and he found the chair.


Samantha writes, "These are photos of our greyhound, Renegade :) we just adopted him from GPA last week!"

Our handsome boy koyote Rusty!


We adopted James in July of 2011 and he is an absolute joy. Here are some pics of him running FREE- we take him every Sunday to an enclosed baseball field and LOVE to watch him run. He also has learned to fetch!
The Wilde Family

 Raleigh and Dixie

Raleigh and Dixie...they made themselves a pillow!



Here's an image that looks almost like a tapestry!
Diane's Lina, Lefty and foster Girl Cord!



Talk about a Couch Potato. Gisela's precious Maggie.
And sweet Heidi is convinced that there is a toy missing!


Bob & Dixie

Bob and Dixie get a little mixed up at today's MG



Sweet Cameo is now 14 years old. She may need help getting up on
the couch & bed, but she still has enough energy to run around
with the younger hounds! She truly is a special Greyhound. - Janet Blunt



Our Lina girl - Diane Napierski



After Bryn passed away I have a great looking lady who made herself right
at home on the first day and even uses the doggy door. She is 14 months old.



This is a picture of Bryn in her memory she passed on August 28, 2013
at 11 years old. She was a GREAT DOG and will be missed.



Raleigh settling in at Erin's house


Eddie in bed
Eddie on the boat
Eddie gets sun
Sleepy Eddie

Attached are some photos of our retired racer, Eddie (Gitrdone Eddie). He joined our family in January, and we just love him to pieces. Thought these photos captured his personality pretty well, he's a friendly, sunshine loving, lazy pup. :)

Photo 1: Eddie being lazy on vacation in Sedona
Photo 2: Eddie and his buddy Moose relaxing on a boat
Photo 3: Eddie enjoying the AZ sunshine
Photo 4: How Eddie has to sleep


Spot & Bo

Bo + Spot = cat safe



Olivia (formerly RDS Merrygoround) played dress up for Thanksgiving at her doggy sitter's. She makes such a cute little pilgrim and a beautiful Indian maiden. And she sits so pretty, too!


Kona – Bee (“Bubba”)
(11/08/2007 – 03/29/2013)
Loved by John & Cindy Hutzelman

We always seem to add to each of our “Babies” names – his real name was Kona, but we called him by any one of a number of pet names:  Kona, “Kona-Bee”, “Bee”, “Bubba”, “Little Guy”, and any one of a number of others.

He was our second Puppy Adoption (Dean was our first), and we got Kona when he was eight weeks old!  We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to adopt him when we were called by GPA-AZ to let us know that there was a puppy at the Dorsey Farms that was available for adoption, since he could not be available to race.  It happened that his mother stepped on his leg and broke it when he was four weeks old, and no matter what they tried, they just couldn’t seem to fix it.  Of course we jumped at the opportunity!  When we got him, his left back leg was severely malformed, due to not healing properly, and it was obvious he would not be able to race.  After taking him home and taking him to our Vet, he indicated that (after consulting with a specialist), that “Mother Nature tends to want to straighten things out on her own”, and that it would be best to leave it alone for the time-being and see how it goes.  As it turned out, Mother Nature did an exceptional job, and you almost couldn’t tell there was anything wrong with his leg – it straightened out nicely!

However, this was not the only issue Kona had at the start – he had a very rough beginning to his life.  After the break in his leg, he was diagnosed with Parvo two days after we brought him home – THAT was an adventure!  Then, he came down with Giardia, and a number of other intestinal infections.  It was a very rough first six months, but we were able to get him through it all.  Once we got over that, it was just a matter of house-breaking him (he took longer than Dean), and breaking him of chewing on everything.  Unfortunately, we had to replace the carpeting in the house by then (he ate some holes in it, as well as an on-going “tinkle-stream” until we got him to hold it until he went outdoors), but once he was taught to let us know, everything was fine after that.

Then, when he was about a year and a half old, he shattered his right front leg, into about 20+ fragments after jumping over a fence and landing wrong!  Long-story-short, I was afraid that we might have either lost him then, or would have to amputate his leg, but the doctor was able to piece it all back together and put it in an external fixator, and he kept that on for thirteen weeks until it healed.  THAT was an amazing process, as well, and it healed so well that you couldn’t tell that it had been broken, except for the lack of hair where the pins went into his leg – it was straight as an arrow!

OK.  Once we got through all of THAT, it was relatively smooth sailing for the next few years.  He had a really happy personality, he loved everybody and got along with every other dog he met.  Walks were fast (he was STRONG) and a joy, and he was curious about everything.  He had this sweet habit of “singing” every time the phone rang (anyone that has called us knows this), much to Cindy’s dismay, and she would have to go out into the back yard to talk until he and the others were done “rooing” (he coaxed the others into singing with him).  I’m gonna miss that.  He was the first to lie on the couch, and always ended up on his back (lots of pictures).  And, for whatever reason, he felt he was a lap-dog, and always ended up putting at least half of his body on me when I was on the couch, too (all 94+ pounds of him!).  He loved not only going on walks, but going on trips, too, and loved the car.  He was a sweet boy.

We had a few “speed bumps” over the years, and he picked up a number of “buttons” that only we could recognize and react to, but I think a lot of that had to do with his adventures during his formative years.  He had a few quirks.  Being food-motivated (and partially due to our fault of teaching him to come in the house with a treat), he got progressively more aggressive with the other two (Dean and Kimi), but we knew what his limits and warnings were and adapted.  99.9% of the time he was a sweetheart, and as long as we paid attention to him, there were no problems.

Unfortunately, near the end, due to a very sudden change in his personality, and after some consultations with outside authorities, it was determined that he most likely had a Brain Tumor, and he would only get worse, and we made the hardest decision we’ve had to make in years.

There is so much more that I could tell you about Kona, but there just isn’t the room here to do him justice.  He wasn’t with us very long (only five years), but he did so much for us and was a bright spot in our lives, and he will forever be in our hearts.

Rusty (Koyote Rusty) with Jaylen on Mom's bed


Finally got the toy unwrapped!


And now I'm tired!



Homer relaxing



Gigi and Gym sent in by Chelsea

Gigi on chair

Gigi on her chair


Gym (Gym Gartland) lounging


It's been well over a year now since I brought Phat AZ "Makayla" home & she's still a hoppin' happy girl. In fact she'll have her 9th birthday this year! :) She has such a positive attitude towards life & its been greyt having her being a part of our family.

Christmas Day - lounging on the couch. She had the right idea!

MakaylaMakayla & her bud Buddy after partying hard at a luau!


James (James Dohema), the Wildes adopted him in July,
and they say he is absolutely wonderful!!


OK, how many do you have? Here's the pack at Nick & Debbie's
"Hound Hacienda"


RustyA few from Rusty (Koyote Rusty)

Bella taught Rusty to bark...good job Bella!

It was cold putting lights up but Rusty wanted to be
a part of it. He got covered and stayed covered!

We adopted Rusty in November last year. Love this boy!
He loves his toys. We love him deeply!


LolaLola and Mia napping together. Mia belongs to John and Cindy Fox



TessaTessa as the model for an adoption shirt for GFNC
(Greyhound Friends of North Carolina)



Dixie relaxing and looking gorgeous!

Dixie and Missy

Dixie making a new friend (with Missy)



RockyRocky (formerly Money) wants to know: "Do you like my hat?"


MochiRoller Coaster (New Name: Mochi)

Koyote Tractor (New Name: Duke) Mochi


ZoeyZoey (AKA Tall Girl) in Toy Heaven



MistyMisty Lynn so tired from the holidays...



Harry FlachsmannHarry Flachsmann is ready for Christmas!


Brownie at Halloween

A little tribute to Brownie, Kevin's sweet houndie who passed away last year



Makayla Makayla

A few pics of Phat AZ "Makayla". I adopted her early this year and she's been a great companion since. One of the pics I took today - which is the one with her in the water – that's at Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert. Every time we go there she loves lounging in the water to stay cool and watch the other dogs run around.


Timer and Dad Jeremy visit at a Meet & GreetTimer and Dad Jeremy visit at a Meet & Greet



Duncan and RowenaDuncan gives a cute glance
Duncan and Rowena share a moment



LolaDorree's Lola won "Best in the Field" coursing in Black Canyon City.
First time at a trial, greyt job!


FurtadoFurtado with a mouth full of peanut butter...thanks Keith!


EllieEllie warming her tushy by the fireplace during the cold snap.
She took the spot before I could get there.



GracieHere's Gracie, just 14 months old, what a cutie!


Missy Lynn and Chance the kittyMisty Lynn and Chance the kitty share the bed

 kisty Lynn - Kiara]Misty Lynn now sharing with her new pal, Kiara!



LassieLassie with a big smile!


HarryHarry having a lazy afternoon in his personal pool!


MontanaMontana posing at home. Roger and Barbara have
had him for two years and love him Greytly!


ScoutChristmas dogs Karen (top) and Scout (bottom).

StellaStella (Still Standing). She was adopted by Craig and Marsha Lohr
in January '09. She is the absolute love and joy in our lives and
we feel so honored to be her patrons! ANYWAY...this is
"Miss Stella Umbrella" doing what she does best...reigning supreme
over her kingdom and subjects here in Phoenix!


RangerHere's Ranger doing what he does best... relaxing!


Eagle and his DadEagle and Dad watching television. Who gets the remote?


Pepper and the babyPepper watches the baby very closely.


Blonda on her bear rugBlonda lounging on her bear skin rug...


Lady and her kitty friend under the couchLady watching her kitty friend under the couch. Can you see the kitty?


Capri doing some coursingCapri doing something new that she likes...coursing!


Ellie B with a toyGreg's new girl, Ellie B (Blue Sea), a 2 year old blue brindle who wants to be with Greg wherever he goes. Also the new BFF to Greg's 9 year old Bijou.


After the pillow disasterOh my! What happened to the pillow?!?


Ellie B with the rabbitEllie B with her rabbit


Capri at campCapri went to camp with the kids and had such a Greyt time! Here she is with a special friend.


Capri at campAnd here she is at the end of a busy day...


JadeJade (Cactus Jade) surrounded by her toys. What a rough life!


3 houndsLittermates from an "oops litter" born in 2005, gather after the Prescott Parade. Left to right, Denali, Charles Nestler, Aurora, Sue Grundy and Susie.


Wulfbane SippyWulfbane carries his sippy cup!


CapriCapri gives a smile from her sofa in her home with Keith Lewis.


MonroeJana Hester sent this photo of Monroe (formerly Boulder) resting on her snazzy new bed!


Strange & LadyStrange and Lady looking cute.

Eagle & LadyEagle and Lady lounging around...


IsisIsis, a 12 year old spoiled rotten queen, keeping an eye out for any dangers to her realm and her daddy Greg in Phoenix


Asleep at the wheelBailey "Asleep at the Wheel".

The little guy is Bailey, a member of the Feeser family of
Crossville, TN out here enjoying your great winter weather.
Bailey age 6 shares the motorhome with Riley a 10 year old grey.

TillieMiss Tillie (Odd Matilda), 11 years young. Enjoying life in Clarkdale, AZ

Lost to osteosarcoma two weeks before her 13th birthday.


Marcie SilverMy beloved Marcie 
5/4/99 - 10/11/07. 

Marcie died 24 days before her 8th birthday from Osteosarcoma.
Traci Irving   

"Gone from our sight...always in our heart.



CharlotteHere's Charlotte, Four years old, adopted in Canada, 
Did 81 Races troughout her career in United States, Great Irish Girl.


In memory of Chloe Carroll 3/28/01 - 5/5/07 aka "Chloe the Cockroach"




Tigger bird watchingTigger bird watching at the Carroll house



Aiden Easter BunnyAiden as the Easter Bunny with the Bennett Girls



BellaPrincess Bella in her stylish glasses