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These are photos of Greyhounds that are now in their forever homes. Why not adopt one and add your own happy ending?


Supreme Being now Barron

Jacob has adopted Flow and her new name is Momo. They are living happily ever after in Santa Monica, California. Congratulations!

Supreme Being now Barron

Longtime greyhound enthusiasts, Charyn and Ray, have adopted Chop Suey, now Ferrari, and Hisbiscus, now Laborghini. What a greyt time they will share together.


Supreme Being now Barron
Supreme Being now Barron

BackFlash, now Cole, has joined his new pack, Shiner,
and Dr. Who (Who Says I Can’t) at Jane’s household.

Supreme Being now Barron

Supreme Being, now Barron, has found his furever home and master bed with John and Sandi. He has a huge back yard to explore.


Goody, now Jessie, has been adopted by Tina and joins her new brother Cody. Jessie and Cody enjoy romping together in their big backyard and playing with stuffies. Congratulations to all three!



Linda and Vince adopted the lovely Ruby. She is their 5th greyhound. She is loved. 



Shaina has adopted Sugar and they will share couch time and many walks through the neighborhood together as a team. Congratulations!



Bart (Jed Bartlett) joins his new family, Patty, Jan and Al. Big Great Dane sister, Sookie is glad to have him share doggie beds. 


Jayne, who adopted Amari, her beautiful brindle boy last year, has added Maisie, previously April, to her family. They love sharing their home and playing together.



Kessler, now Django, is settling into his new home with Justin. He has new adventures ahead and places to explore.


Mike and Rebecca have adopted Sista, now Faith and Frannie, now Lexie. We wish them many years of joy and greyhound love. 



Well, the tripod Sage made it through 15 minutes of Meet and Greet before getting adopted. She was so cute!



Sky & Joshua

Nancy has adopted Sherlock into her home. 
He was so happy he got “happy tail” and loves playing with another greyhound in the neighborhood. He is a lucky boy!

Sky & Joshua

Joshua has adopted Sky. He also has a mixed breed brother who thinks Sky is great! Congratulations!

This is Joe who adopted the lovely Candies.
She will join her two greyhound sisters at Joe’s home

Raven FKA Brees

Raven, formally known as Brees, is settling in beautifully with Colleen. She has new friends to meet and adventures ahead. She couldn’t have pick a better home.

Paul Walker

Whiskey has found his new home with Shayne and Nicole. He’s a big friendly boy and will add much adventure to their lives. 

Paul Walker

Vince is happy to have Paul Walker, now Bugatti/Bug/Buggy, share her retirement with him. She is deaf and he plans to teach her some hand signals. And she will teach him some dog signals. A perfect match!


This is Oliver, former Mark. He was adopted in July of 2020 at 7 months old. He enjoys cuddles, walks, runs, dog ice cream, treats, and naps (lots of it!!!). He is a very curious puppy and loves meeting new people and other dogs.



Frankie has selected her forever family with older sisters, Sabine and Roxie, and little brother, Gus. Her human family is super loving with Carrie, Jeff, Wren, and Sam. She has already gone for a swim, used the doggie door and Sam is teaching her stairs. Relaxing on the ottoman will be her favorite thing as the family watches TV.


Taffy (formally Romey) has moved in with new big brother, Snickers, in the home of Jim and Pam. They have already run around and had fun. Note that Snickers is just one month older....both will be turning 3.


Leslie and Del adopted a very special girl, Maisey


Stacy adopted Mega Odelia who is now Ellie


Barbara adopted Ozark Beverly now named Stella


Ben adopted Quick


Danielle and Will have adopted Ageless, name change coming soon!


Rich and Bill have brought Brody into their home with Phoenix downtown views and new experiences. She will have lots of walks in the historic district and new friends to meet.


Mistike, now known as Valentina, has been adopted by Brian and joins her greyhound brother, Morrison. Happy times for all!


The Little Dutch Girl, J Van Der Hooven, has been adopted by Catherine and Trey. She enjoys playing with toys and romping with her brother, Hunter. Her new name is Kelly!


Richard, Kathy, Jonna and Joelle have adopted “Needs a Hug” (Hugs). She is a lovely calm, sweet brood mama.  She joins greyhound sisters Emily and Nicky. She went swimming on her her visit to the backyard but was quickly rescued from the pool and dried off. 


Catherine and her husband and son have adopted Cowboy. He is fun, exuberant boy who will make their lives exciting. They love him already.

Pippi, now Poppy, has been adopted by Emmanda and Adam. Our miracle girl is sharing her love and beds with her forever family, including Riley, her silky terrier brother and Metallica, the kitty.

Red Lips, now Lucy, was adopted by Brenda and her kitty, Mimi.
Lucy loves playing ball, meeting new people on walks, and lounging on her beds.


Petty, now Penelope, has been adopted by Beverly D. and family.
She loves going for long walks and playing with her many toys,
in the house, and transporting them outside, too.


Greta Garbo, now Gabby, has been adopted by Tracy O. And family. She loves playing in the backyard with her two Rhodesian Ridgeback sisters and her two human brothers and relaxing on the couch when exhausted from all that play.


Lian was adopted by Louis and Michelle. She has a blast going camping with the family and hanging out with her Puggle brother, Jackson, and mom and dad.


Loopy (Froot Loops) has been adopted by Inta and Larry. She loves life and hanging out with her mom and dad and extended family.


Tweetie has been adopted by Jim and Linda. She enjoys hanging out with her greyhound sister, Cindy, and walking around the neighborhood with her parents.


Callie has been adopted by Karen and Ronald. She loves collecting toys (sometimes shoes) and hanging out with her 2 kitty sisters, until they take over her bed.
Mom and dad have to come to the rescue then and move the kitties
before she can claim her bed.


Leafs Jacelyn, now Jackie O, has been adopted by Brad and Miles.
She enjoys romping in the backyard and playing with her brother, Max.
She also enjoys resting on her luxury dog beds.



Jennifer and Mark have added Luna (Nicki) to their family. She is the blue girl in front, Dillon and Morgan love playing in the yard with her.


Rayna Rose

Brenda and Ed have adopted Dopey Winner (now Rayna Rose) a 6 year old brood mama. She’s a sweet, calm girl and will be perfect in her new home.



JoAnn and Sherlock (Fact Finder) have found each other in Greyhound heaven. Sherlock will definitely be spoiled and loved in his new home.


Adam and Zack have added Galen into their home. It is a perfect fit and they will have a lot of fun together.

Freedom Call

A wonderful Happy Ending for Freedom Call with Jill and David and her new chihuahua sisters. They each have their own “happy place”, all comfy and content. 



Jerry and Romey, aka Tasha, have been adopted by Jennelle.
They are loving their new home and each other. A greyt new family!



Raquel has been adopted by Patty and her sister, Jan and family.
And she has a new BFF Great Dane named Sookie.  
She will have a wonderful home with lots and lots of love!


Nita and Glenn have adopted Everly. She joins her new pal Dundee and cats Sweetpea and Reese. A very lucky girl to be spoiled in her furever family.


Pie has joined new whippet brother, Reacher.  Ashley, Madeline and David are thrilled to have Pie in their family. Think he will be one spoiled Greyhound!


Jim and Pam have welcomed Snickerdoodles (aka Kid) into their home to join their boy Kona. Kona and “Snicks” have a greyt time together.


Muffin on the right..with the big happy grin



Morrigan in the middle.


Lovey on the right


Dr. Who

Dr. Who (Who Says I Can’t) has joined BlueBerry and Ace in the home of Jane Triplett. He will celebrating his 10th birthday on 1/24/2020. No doubt there will be a party!




Misty - Whiskey

Misty on the left, Now known as Whiskey has gone home With Beverly Bell and a fur-sis Taxi. I received a call from Beverly about an hour and half after she took Whiskey home and am happy to report she is digging it up there. Already her and Taxi are becoming the best of buds running in the backyard like crazy little puppies



Donna and Gary are welcoming handsome Eddie, on the right, to join their pack, (from left) Harry, Phoebe and Bandit. They are having greyt playtimes.


August / Heidi

August, now Heidi, has been adopted by Betsy and Brian and their grey, Harlee. Congratulations to all!

John Massey

John joined the Massey family in late 2019


Robert Lee is now the new family member at Ken and Donna’s home. His new boxer sister, Cinnamon, has given him welcoming kisses. He is such a good boy and already dearly loved!


Whirlwind is joining the Leutbechers.


Grizzly has found his home with Patti, David and sister Kahlua.



Bambi has found her forever place is our hearts. In just three weeks she is firmly entrenched in our family and hearts. She has won over her “grandparents” and most of the neighborhood. She has filled our home with love and laughter.


Kahlua (Hustle It Up) as been adopted into her forever home where she will have a cocker spaniel big sister, Lady. Patti, David and Dillon will love and spoil the the two girls. It is a very happy day for all of them.


Jessica, now named Freya, has found her forever home in Tucson with Cheri and Randy. They have made the perfect match. Freya may even start a new career as a certified therapy dog in the future. Definitely a happy ending!


As brothers, Tommy and Timothy found a home together with Sandy and Randy! You all will have a blast.


Kathy (now known as Maggie) has been adopted by Sue and Ron
and they’ll share lots of love and smiles!

Shea, now known as Pepper has gotten less bashful
and has picked Collette has the new momma


After fostering Raj for less then 3 days,
Tom has made it official and add him to his pack.


Turbo is one happy camper. He is going home with his new Mom, Ashley. And being fans of cars, he is keeping his name.


Miss Taxi is leaving the desert in her dust and moving up to Flagstaff where her and his new mom Allyson will be living amongst the pines.
No 110 degree heat for this stylish houndie.



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