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These are photos of Greyhounds that are now in their forever homes. Why not adopt one and add your own happy ending?

Lily found a wonderful home with James and Phebe in CantaMia in Goodyear. Her new brother, Flyer, is the handsome fawn greyhound. They are buddies already.

Kiki has found her perfect forever home with Joe and Rolinda in Sun City.
Happy life Kiki!

Tralee ( now named Hiccup) with his new mom Lucille.
Hiccup will make his home alongside Toothless the cat.


Erin and Jordan welcome Hunter (AKA Homey) to their pack,
Kira and Chita have loved having him in their family.


Crosstalk with his new family, Sue and Brian!


Amazing Captain has found his new home with Karen, Thomas and young Sebastian. They have an African Blue parrot who will probably join in a morning singing Roo session. He will have lots of walks by the neighborhood lake and play with a family dog nearby, Woody.


Wally has been adopted by Ryan and his wonderful greyhound Amtrak! This is a perfect match as Amtrak has been wanting a buddy for some time. Now Wally and Amtrak will share lots of great adventures!


Obsession (now GiGi) has been adopted by Melanie, Eric, and Marcus.
What a tremendous Thanksgiving gift!

Smoke with her new Mom, Olivia


Cookie joins her new “brother” Jimmy in the home of Mark and Andee.


TubTub (now Bella) has found her forever home with Sharon and Phil and greyhound sister, Lily. Bella is the fawn and sister Lily is white.
Lily was very excited to have a sister again.

Hamlet (on right) join new sisters Gabby and Katie in Mary’s home.
He will have fun playing in his new forever home.


Benny (WW’s Benny, red boy) has joined Wheeler in Beth and Tom’s home.
Looking to have fun with their three granddaughters, as well.


The Mickelsen family welcomes Duke, formally Zaiden, into their family. He may have a new career as a Therapy Dog in the future.


Beth and Tom have added Wheeler (Santa’s Wheeler) to their family. He has three granddaughters to play with when they come to visit.


Charlie Gal found her forever home with Kim and Dean of Kingman. New fur siblings Jett the black greyhound, River the Jack Russell mix and the family cat. Happy life beautiful Charlie!


Lexie found her forever family today. Bill and fur brother Ozzy.
Happy Life little Lexie.


Propel and his new skin kid!







Dodger has found his forever home with Ben. Congratulations to both!



Sam, Linus (formerly Coach Kenneth), and Heather enjoying the park.



Gracie in her new forever home with Mary.


Molly (E's Mulberry) and Ellie (Elegance) have found their forever home with Carol and Jim.


This is Sparky and his new brother Freeney. Sparky was adopted by David and Jamie. Here’s hoping these two hounds have many playful days ahead.


Kiowa Fire is home with Ann and her toy poodle Dede.


Odin and his people Ash and Candace.


Trixie has her new home with Jennifer and David. She'll join Rosetta in Northern California. Jennifer and David previously adopted Yarbo and Punkinwoofer.


This is Rumor. He is in his second home as a permanent foster at 10 years old. Heidi is his new owner. Rumor lives with his grey sister Hannah and small dog Sophie.


Hedy Lamarr has found her new home with first time greyhound adopters Jennifer and Doug. Hedy is shy but will soon enough be their love bug.


Just wanted to give you an update on Donut. First of all, we are so in love with her! She is so loving and happy! She is settling in great. She's almost over her fear of hardwood floors (though we haven't tried the basement stairs yet!). Donut and Sandy get along well. We do think they recognized each other on some level - they were very interested in each other's scent for the first several days, as if trying to figure out why it was familiar. We can't thank you enough for all your help in getting Donut home to us. (Donut is Sandy's Momma!)


Molly and Chris welcome Baxter into their family.
Looks like Lab sister, Kylo, approves.


RAMs Dandy Sandy laid a claim on Amy and has been adopted!


Dynasty and her new family: Blake, Aurora, and Celise.
Adopted 3/6/18

Irish Jig and new mom Sue of Sun City and sister Tilly. Adopted 3/6/18

This is Julia. She adopted Kitty. Kitty has the turquoise leash and now she has 3!


Gus, formerly Dancy, happily living with Tim and Ann and their Cat.


Morgan & Evan, with their new boy, Coach


Here is Freyja with her new family, Linda, daughter Claire and Tortellini. She also enjoys the company of family cats inside the house.


Here is Lila happily settling into her new family with
Roxie, Ives and Renee in Sun City.


Calypso with new mom Kate.


Daisy (on bed) make herself at home with Deanna and Lee
and fur sibs Beckett(Greyhound) and Milo (chihuahua).


Crystal found her forever home with Mike, Barb and Chloe today.


Sarah with her new parents, Marcus & Lindsay


Musician (now Angelia) found her way into Candy's heart and home.
She will be one spoiled girl!


Cotter family just adopted Gina. Happily ever after...


Bentley, now known as Easy, in his new life
with Dianna and Jeff. Happily ever after!

The Rao family has added Jackie to their home.


Gatto and his new Mom


Nelly and her people.



Shadow has found his forever home with
Katie and Brian Gard and his greyt new brother and sister.

Ginger (now Tikka) has been adopted by Erin and Dante


Hanna has made herself at home with Ben, Danae and her sister Evie


Rick, Smokey, and Russ


Congratulations to Hal for finding his forever home!
Dan and Tina have welcomed them into their home in Prescott.
This is a perfect match.


Flesk Flyer, now known as Chase with his new Mom, Pippi.


Lily and Snowy

Snowy and Lily as they join the family with Liz and Mark and little Nina.

Vinnie is obviously very comfortable with his new mom, Sarah.


Molly (right)joins Sugar (left) with Jim and Ashley.


Magic has found his forever home with Tori and Lukas.


Luke with his new mom and dad Gary and Joanne.


The Juday family has welcomed Can Do (left) and Chief (right)
as an anniversary celebration!


Groovy is all set to be adored by her new mom Allison.


Catch was adopted today by Alisa. She will be known as Duchess and is looking forward to some basic training, agility training, camping, Disneyland and being a bridesmaid in an April wedding. She will be a busy girl.


Brooklyn (formerly Bubbles) and Tricia


Tesla has made herself at home with the Crums.


Susan and Jim have opened their home to Julienne



Shannon took Hal home with and he is settling in well in spite of the recent storms


This is Chance with the Krizek family.
They split their time between Scottsdale and Prescott.


Maxwell (aka Speedo) the puppy found his home with Adrienne!


Reba has joined the Wilson family.


Fancy (BOC's FancyNancy) with her new parents Don and Linda.


Rico Vandy won the heart of Alex and will be at home in Scottsdale.


Bugatti (fawn) and Gremlin (Brindle) have moved in with Cindy in Gilbert.


Braghi (Kay Amot) has joined Loki (white/black) hound at the Wilken's home.
He will also be showing off at the Renaissance Faire.


Vapor (TNT Vapor Trail) has joined the Sheldon clan.
He is sure to be a hit at the Renaissance Faire.


Maya (FKA Keeper Clementine) traveled from Arizona to Idaho
and found the perfect loving forever family.
Her new family couldn’t be happier that she made the trip.


Penny (left, Celine Dion) has joined the Luster family
with Ashley (right, Little Bit Good).


Huff with the Free family.


Dollar has found his home in Chino Valley with the Knight family.
He has an older sister who is a little on the reserved side.
Dollar is sure to win her over with his goofy personality.


Ottie (Killer Ottawa) and her new best friend Eva.


Spicy (middle) joined Goldie (left) and (Cassie) at JoAnn's home. Spicy had checked out a couple of possible homes and decided this was the one in which she was most comfortable.


A group of happy adopters meeting in the park!


Derrick in his new forever home. He is just what we hoped for and we love him dearly! Thank you all for allowing us to make Derrick our new baby!!
Carol & Howard Schecter


Runner is looking very comfortable in his new home and has brought joy and comfort to them after the unexpected loss of their girl Marley.


Spot is now living in Santan Valley with the Todd family.
Adam, Amie, and her special pal Kimmie.


Kathleen and Clover (formerly Etta)


Hallo Dream Me and his new family!



Genni and Silvie are excited to be sharing their new home with Michael and Erika!



Here is a happy ending photo of Tracy (on right) with her fur friend Elvis


Hattie has joined the Seeger family!



Donnie joined Rocky and his mom Stacey and family


Lily makes herself at home on Eve's bed.


Here is BB with new big brother Dodge, also a GPA hound and the Lovelaces


Willy has found his home with Armin and Joann.
He charmed them with his playfulness and kisses.


Congratulations to sweet, lucky Val (left) who found a wonderful new home with GPA volunteer Jan Buckwalter and her brindle boy, Connor.


Misty has moved in with Carla, Chris and Bahrain.


Sweetie (formally Smiley) going home with her new dad Bill.


Boomer with new Mom Rebecca


Rex's has joined Neechelle and is now known as Gulliver.


Morgan (now Lester) with his new forever family.


Tigerlily with her new family


Ron (Bob's Ron) with Andrew and Kelly


We adopted Iggy just 10 days ago and we are already in love with our sweet boy.

Best regards,
Deirdre, Preston, Ciara, Connor and Iggy Colao

Adorable Asha with her new family...Michele, Kaylee, Madison and Brian Scobee. Congratulations to everyone!


Siri is enjoying her new life at the Grise household. We love her and she makes us laugh everyday. She stole my bath towel while I was in the shower the very first day with us. Hmmm. She is, however, wearing me out - up with the birds. Ugh. :-) At least we get our long walks in before it gets too hot.


Goldi struck it rich and found a new home with mom JoAnn and her two German Shepherd mixes, Cassie and Newman. Congratulations everyone!


Here is Jamie with her new mom and dad - Raeann and Rich


Congratulations to Gwen on finding her forever family with Rose and Dave Hair. Hope you come back and visit your friends at GPA!


Wyatt (formerly Cliff) and his new family


Frank and Noah



Shannon and Rick Lorenz welcome a new hound to the family. a mild-mannered little girl named Lady, now known as Liile, pronounced Lil-ee. She will have her new sisters Katie and Neek to show her the ropes.
(l-r) Katie, Lille, Shannon, Neek and Rick



Geri, Ace, Richard & Pete (fka Pecan) getting ready for the long drive home. After adopting Ace earlier in the year, Geri & Richard decided he needed a Greyhound brother, so they made another trip from Idaho to pick up Pete.



Here's Sassy with her new mom. She went to a meet & greet expecting to hang out with some friends for a couple hours & then back to her foster home, but she went home with her forever parents instead; lucky girl!



Two months after adopting Fizz, Sandra & Doug thought he needed a Greyhound sibling. They picked up Nitro (fka Adam) for a "test drive", but as Nitro was getting settled in the truck it appeared a decision had already been made as it was stated that Nitro would not be coming back to his foster home. Here are Nitro, Puglianna, Hercules & Fizz along with dad & mom.



Pictured in the middle is Penny (fka Paris) with her new family


Hero - Royal

John and Cindy with their new boy Royal (formerly Hero)
He's a beautiful blue boy who dropped out of racing school
and is only 17 months old. Lucky boy!



Shania with her new family, Lindsay & Eric



Nibbles has found her home with Pam and Bob and her new playmate Valkerie. There are a couple of Samoyeds waiting at home to meet her also.



Jamie getting ready to go to her forever home in Payson
with new parents Peter & Hannah & brother Grover.



Dorree Lilly

Our own Dorree with her new girl Lilly, the blue she has always wanted!
She enjoyed our surprise "gift"!


Emma and Shannon

Emma with her new mom, Shannon (center)



Dragon recently found his happy ending with the Rao Family.
Here he is taking web-surfing lessons from one of his new brothers!
Congratulations to all!



Red with the new parents!



Lilly (L) and Rusty (R) with their new family!



Our sweet Bob (fka "Bob’s Real Close”) captured the hearts of new mom
Carla and his new greyhound siblings, Spender and Rikki. 
He is home! Congratulations to all!



BossMan with is new Dad, Jesse



Robert and Deniece have welcomed Ellie into their family!
Here she is making herself at home with her new baby brother, Peanut.



"Tidbit is a four year old that never raced. She is/was the true definition of a "spook" hound. I took her in as a foster in April '13. All she wanted to do was
hide in a corner and was in flight mode pretty much 24/7. She hoards toys and freaks at any loud noise or fast movement. Over the months she opened up a little bit each week. Then around Thanksgiving I was knocked on my tush with a flu.
I was laying on the dog beds in the living room feeling death on a cracker when suddenly this little spooky girl came in from the bedroom carrying a stuffed toy.
She walked over to me, dropped it next to my head and then laid near me and
just watched. I knew then (feverish or not) that Tidbit was home...But the name had to go. Since she is a hound on the smaller size, Tidbit became "Lil'bit". She
still has her spook tendencies but is the first for a cookie, the first nose I have
to push away from the dinner plate and she HAS to sleep near me. As you can
see she loves her snuggle time with Daddyman. She is still a spook but
nowhere near as the spook when she came in as a foster."


Geno was adopted by the Hayes family and is settling in.



Ray Ray was claimed by Jared who has patiently waited for her
to be ready for adoption.



Fizz on his way home with mom Sandra & dad Doug. Then once home, had to get a family picture with his new siblings, Pugliana & Hercules.



Lucy (fka Marthawashington) has found her forever home with Leanne and Rick.



Zoey relaxing at her new home with Candy


Kallie & Belle

Belle & new mom Kallie. It didn't take long for Belle to
figure out how to get on the bed & snuggle with mom!


Morty & Max

Max (aka Johnny) & new dad Morty



Our cover girl Apple started the New Year out right; here she is with her mom, dad & sister Aster! She went for a weekend sleep over & after spending one night, it was decided this was where she belonged. She's mastered the stairs & enjoys playing & running around outside with her new sister.



Jimmy, (fka Drunk) has happily joined his forever family,
parents Mark and Andee and new big Great Dane sister, Prada!


Lacy & Fred

Lacy (Mulberry Lacy) with Fred and Oscar



Laying in her flower "bed" Taylor (formerly Bree, aka RMBs Sebree) enjoys her
first afternoon at The Hunseder Hound Hacienda, where she joins Mary,
Lacey, Pearl, Parker, Aspen, Bee & Kingman. We have enough for a race!


Ellie & Joel

Ellie and Joel


Ral & Erin

Congratulations to Erin who rounded out her family with PS Ral (now Raleigh)



Rookie with his new parents! They fell in love with him...



Hattie Jones (aka Fresno) decided that Marlys
was going to be her new mom, so home to Payson they went!



Vinnie and Linda started fostering Merlin when he was recovering from a cracked hock. He worked his way into their hearts.



Katie is making her home with Mary and her older greyhound male Alex. She was last seen lounging on the living room sofa.



Penny (formerly known as Trey) with her feline friend Aurora.




Hopi with John



Dillon with his new Mom



Fiver (RDs High Five) with Kyoko and John


Peter Peter

Rich and I knew that we wanted to bring a special someone into our home when we got settled here in Arizona. We also knew that we wanted to adopt a pup from a shelter or rescue organization and after looking unsuccessfully for a few weeks I submitted an application to GPA. When asked what we were looking for we honestly didn't know what sex dog, or what age; I guess we would know when the right dog picked us. And so Pistol Pete, AKA Peter, came into our lives. From what I understand Pete made the rounds with a couple of other families before he settled in with us. He might not have been a good fit with those other folks, but he is our sunshine and smiles. I think after six months we still feel that we are the luckiest folks around- Peter is a humble happy-go-lucky clown, amazing athlete, and wears the title of Badass with the well earned pride of a very successful retired racing Greyhound.

Then we have the lovely and graceful Irish-American Princess K.C. As of now she is a lady of mystery, but we are fine with that. We aren't completely sure as to her age or background, but it seems that all we need to know is found in her large and expressive eyes. She caught my eye when I first saw her- she was a twin to Peter. K.C. came into our world when her old owners moved away and surrendered her to the GPA. I'm not sure of the circumstances of their decision but their loss is certainly our gain- within just a few days K.C. would greet me at the door like she was a young pup again. All she wants is what we all want- to be loved and accepted for ourselves, no questions asked. K.C. is a nurturer at heart, she tucks ME into bed at night by putting her head next to mine before lights out for an ear scratch and a smooch on her beautiful nose. She greets me in the morning much the same, and I know that having her for this day is a gift that she gives daily.

When you adopt a Greyhound you hear all the sayings, 'They are like potato chips- you can't have just one.' Or, "the 45 mph couch potato' and it all makes Greyhounds seem like 'regular' dogs. There really is nothing farther from the truth- to be able to bring a retired racer into your home is one of the most wonderful experiences there is. I think that each Grey that is adopted into a new home knows that they are lucky to have made it this far, to be given a real chance to live life like any other dog- but what they don't realize is that it is US, their human moms and dads that are the really lucky ones.

With much gratitude to you, John, Leah, and everyone at GPA for the work you do.

Susan Macdougall, Richie Fugere, and Peter, K.C. and Sage the Newfie


The Hughes' were missing the two greyhounds they recently lost to old age.
Hal captured their hearts today.


I finally failed fostering. Bennie (Mega Ballistic) is now settled in.
He and my two girl houndies get along great. For a 2-year old, he still
has puppy in him and I have to put away the remotes,
but he is a big 77lb cuddle bug.


Lucas (aka Lebron) with new mom Collette



Cameron gives Inning a "thumbs up"!



Jill started her new career as home office assistant under the direction
of her big brother Scarecrow today. She has settled in amazingly well.
Of our own 4 greys and 6 fosters over time, we've never seen any
of them fall into house life as easy as this little girl!



The Smiths with Homer



Nilly with the Poland family



Shaman with his new family



Wispy (L) and his family



Flipper with his new family



Eddie with new mom & dad, Kerry & Steve.
He is getting along very well with his new family, including Bentley his feline brother.



Gambler with his new mom Heather



Molly (formerly Baby) with Keith and Lori



Ryba with her new family! Adopted by Jackie in Florence.



Jett (on the right) and his forever parents, Harry and Brenda.
He has a sister Sophia and a little brother Chezie.



Vi (Bella Levisa) with her new Dad, Thomas


Spotty with her new daddy Jared