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2023 UPDATE - Due to the shortage of available hounds, and the overwhelming number of applications submitted, please understand that there will be significant delays in fulfilling requests. This is an issue all adoption groups are dealing with at this time. You patience and understanding are appreciated!

NOTE: As of 6/1/2023 the adoption fee will be raised to $550.

Greyhounds, one of the best-natured breeds—are smart, sweet, calm, gentle and loving with children and adults. They've lived with other dogs all of their lives, so they love to socialize with other four-legged friends. And naturally, they enjoy being with you—anywhere and everywhere!

These dogs, for the most part, have never had a toy, chewie, or dog treat. They are very intelligent, curious and, like a child, they can get into things! They are also one of the most sweet-tempered and affectionate pets around.

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Information about Greyhounds

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How to Adopt a Greyhound

1. The first step in adopting a Greyhound is to assess your lifestyle. These animals will bring you years of unconditional love, but they do require commitment from you as well. They will need for you to have time to go for walks, a soft place to sleep indoors, and a companion with patience and a sense of humor.

2. Once you determine that this may be the pet for you, please call us and a Greyhound Pets of Arizona volunteer will return your call and answer any questions you may have. The volunteer may fill out the adoption application and complete the initial screening right over the phone. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy with your new pet and that your new pet is comfortable in his/her new surroundings.

During the phone interview, the volunteer answers questions and addresses the special needs of the ex-racing Greyhound—those needs range from being on leash in the outside world, to being a house dog, to special medical requirements. We'll ask several questions...not to be nosy, but to determine the RIGHT Greyhound for you. Each animal has its own personality and likes/dislikes. Some are too shy for the track, some have had a broken bone and can no longer race, and some have just stopped winning. There are some dogs that are better with kids, some that are better with seniors, some that like cats and other small animals, and some that want to be an only child. We've watched these animals and in most cases, even had them in our homes for at least a week. Our goal is to make this a good fit for you AND the dog!

3. Once all of the determinations are made, we'll schedule a home visit where a Greyhound Pets of Arizona adoption representative and one or more of their Greyhounds meet with everyone in the adopting family. If possible, we'll try to bring a couple of dogs for you to choose from at that time. The purpose of the home visit is not to judge your home, but to help you prepare your home for your new pet. We use this visit to gather information about what the family is looking for in a dog, what a family's schedule is, its preferences, the safety of the home environment, as well as getting to know any other pets the family may have. For example, the volunteer may point out potential hazards that you may need to fix or slowly introduce to your new pet, such as glass doors, mirrors, pools, staircases, etc. The volunteer may also help identify any areas of potential escape in your fenced yard.

4. Once an adopter has been approved, a written profile is developed and submitted to the Greyhound Pets of Arizona's Adoption and Foster coordinators, who best know the Greyhounds awaiting adoption. The foster home coordinators profile usually one to three Greyhounds for each adopter. Why so few?

You may meet the dogs during a home visit, by attending a Meet and Greet, or by scheduling a visit with a dog's foster parents. We encourage you to meet as many dogs as possible before making your decision to ensure the best possible match. Dogs staying with foster parents have already begun the home acclimation process and the foster parents will be able to provide a wealth of information on the dog's personality.

In most cases the dogs you meet will be ready to adopt. Upon entering our program they are spayed or neutered, given a dental cleaning, vaccinated with current shots (including Rabies), and received a general examination with necessary tests. With Greyhound Pets of Arizona, our vet will also insert a small microchip at the shoulder for instant identification of your Greyhound if the two of you should ever become separated.

5. It's easy to adopt! Just submit our ONLINE ADOPTION FORMcontact us, or stop by a Meet and Greet.

We recommend you take your pet home when you will have a few days to spend at home with him to assist in his transition. A time is scheduled for the formal adoption. During this session, which lasts approximately one hour, the Greyhound Pets of Arizona volunteer and adopting family will complete paperwork, and answer any additional questions. At this time, you will sign a contract explaining the care you will agree to provide and that if you later have to give up your Greyhound, you will return him to Greyhound Pets of Arizona. It is also at this time that we ask for an adoption fee of $450 to help cover our expenses associated with placing the Greyhound. NOTE: As of 6/1/2023 the adoption fee will be raised to $550.

Though the adoption process may seem complex, our intention is to find the best match between your family and your new pet. We always welcome new inquiries and look forward to telling you about the rewards of sharing your home with a Greyhound.

If you're not sure if you're ready to adopt, you can always become a foster parent. This way you can still have a Greyhound in your home without the permanent commitment!