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Mission Statement

Our primary objective is to adopt Greyhound dogs into loving homes to give them a long and happy life. Secondly, we want to educate the public about Greyhounds, making them aware that Greyhounds make some of the best pets available. Finally, we are seeking like-minded individuals who can foster these dogs or volunteer their time or funds to help educate the public and aid our mission to place these dogs in responsible, loving homes.

Our History

While GPA-AZ has had a long history as a Chapter of Greyhound Pets of America, in 2010 it was decided by our board of directors that our group would become a separate entity. Our mission and goals have not changed. We are now Greyhound Pets of Arizona.

Contact Information

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We Are Non-Profit

Greyhound Pets of Arizona is an all volunteer, tax-exempt, 501(c)3, non-profit organization. All donations go directly to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of ex-racing Greyhounds.

Why Choose GPA-AZ for Your Greyhound Adoption?

Greyhound Pets of Arizona (GPA-AZ) is a non-profit, volunteer-supported organization dedicated to the placement of ex-racing Greyhounds in ideal home situations. Greyhound Pets of Arizona's main office adoption operation primarily services the Maricopa county area. Greyhound Pets of Arizona's northern office adoption operation primarily services the Prescott/Verde Valley areas.

We are a Greyhound-placement organization that accepts Greyhounds primarily from the Greyhound racetrack and local shelters. With the help of local veterinarians, our organization provides full examinations, spaying, neutering, dental care and other needed medical procedures prior to adoption.

Greyhound Pets of Arizona adoption operations rely heavily upon Greyhound-savvy families to act as temporary foster homes for ex-racers to make the transition to home life while awaiting adoption. It is through this program we are able to allow each adopted Greyhound to join its new family in the best possible condition.

Greyhound Pets of Arizona's volunteers work closely with each prospective Greyhound owner, matching them with a dog whose personality is most ideally suited to its new home situation to ensure a lasting, rewarding relationship.