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The Original 45-MPH Couch Potato



Here are some link to various sites and organizations. Greyhound Pets of Arizona does not endorse these people/places, we just thought we'd share them with you.

Information about Greyhounds

Click to download a PDF version of "The Greyhound Guide", useful information for the current or prospective Greyhound owner

General Information

A community network of Greyhound owners with ongoing discussion on numerous topics, such as healthcare, feeding, training, etc. You will need to sign-up to participate.

John Hutzelman
480 830-2961 | 
John has offered to answer any general questions for Greyhound owners or prospective owners in the Phoenix area.

Dog-Friendly Housing

Katie Reardon created MyApartmentMap It is a housing search web site that has pet friendly listings all over the USA. This could help people from giving up their pet due to moving.

She created this web site after searching for an apartment that would accept her Jack Russell and her Beagle. As a pet owner she found it difficult to find pet friendly apartments, and wanted to help other pet owners find a home quick and easy.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeowners
Insurance for Dog Owners

Dog owners often find themselves facing a particular dilemma when trying to secure homeowner's insurance. While insurance is a must for anyone wanting to own their own house, many home owners face higher premiums, inferior policies, or even blacklisting by insurance agencies -- simply because they own a dog.
Read more

Dog-Friendly Activities

Service Dog Information
General service dog information, not Greyhound specific. There are several Greyhound service dogs we know of.

Alliance of Therapy Dogs
National therapy dog group...a great way to share your dog with others who can't have one.

Traveling with Your Dog
General guidelines for safe travel with your dog, not Greyhound specific.
(Thank you Mia!)

Greyhound Accessories

Aid 4 Greys
These folks make beautiful Martingale collars at very reasonable prices. Their "Mother Bunny" fleece toys are among the most durable you'll find. (We have some that are over a year old and look like new—with 7 dogs in the house!) They donate 100% of the profits from the sales of these items to the Greyhound community at large—over $14,000 in 2008.

2 Hounds Design
Fashionable… Comfortable… Fun! Exclusive, Custom Martingale Dog Collars

Judy's Greyhound Gifts, LLC
Beautiful, unique items for Greyhounds & the people who love them.

Greyhound coats, etc. Greyt sales!

Northcoast Greyhounds 
A strictly a FUN-Draising enterprise contributing 100% of earnings to greyt causes. Unique greyhound gifts and Unusual Jewels are offered on the website and on eBay by "Greytstuff". Sign up for "Insider Trading" to receive weekly announcements of fundraising events.

Paw PossePaw Posse specializes in quality dog supplies. They will donate 10% of your purchase to Greyhound Pets of Arizona when you use promo code GPA.

Silver Hounds Italian Greyhound Rescue
and Spoiled Bratzwear on Etsy

Greyhound Artists

Art by Billie - Billie Mann

Greyhound Experienced Photographers

LouieNick Hunseder - Nick of Time Productions
Our webmaster and event photographer, Nick does Greyhound photos at special events and fundraisers to benefit GPA-AZ. Located near Sedona, you can schedule a session in scenic Northern Arizona or watch for one of the special event sessions on our home page. He has done holiday portrait fundraisers for the past 18 years.


Greyhound-Experienced Pet Sitters

Greyhound-Experienced Dog Trainers/Classes


Greyhound-Experienced Vets

Southern Arizona

Phoenix Veterinary Referral & Emergency (24 Hour Emergency Clinic)
4015 East Cactus Road   
Phoenix, AZ  85032   
602 765-3700   
fax 602-765-3661   
Open 24 Hours

Arcadia Animal Clinic
Dr. Bracken
3941 E Meadowbrook Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85018
602 955-0410

Animal Medical and Surgical 
17477 North 82nd Street
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
(Northeast corner of Princess Drive and 82nd Street)

Glenfair Veterinary Hospital
Jim Alexander, DVM
5820 N 59th Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85301
623 939-3351

Homestead Animal Clinic
Duane Hunt, DVM
2020 E Brown Rd
Mesa, AZ 85213
480 649-6300

Saguaro Veterinary Clinic 
8426 E McDonald Dr., Scottsdale, AZ
480 948-1770

Val Vista Animal Hospital
Dr. Laura Lister
747 N. Val Vista Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
480 539-7999

Northern Arizona

Airpark Animal Hospital
Dr. Celeste Flannery
515 Airpark Rd., Suite 103
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
928 649-8387

Mile-Hi Animal Hospital
Dr. Brice Smith
334 White Spar Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86303
928 445-4581

Greyhound Health

Suzie's CBD Treats
Suzie’s CBD Treats, a heartfelt venture inspired by the inseparable bond between Richard Squire and his cherished senior canine companion, Suzie. Though they have both crossed the rainbow bridge, Richard's journey with Suzie ignited the creation of Suzie’s CBD Treats. He embarked on this mission to enhance Suzie's life, alleviating her pain and enhancing her mobility through the wonders of CBD.

In witnessing the transformation in Suzie's well-being, Richard's vision expanded. He was determined to make high-quality CBD products accessible and affordable to countless pets, ensuring that they too could experience the potential benefits of CBD.

Today, Richard's vision lives on through his initial business partner and now company president, Caleb. Alongside dedicated individuals like Rachel (chief of operations) and Megan (handling sales and distribution), the team of pet-loving enthusiasts is there to champion our furry friends. As Richard often said, our unwavering belief in our products stems from personal experience—we tried them on ourselves first, and then we shared these transformative CBD treats with our beloved pets. Join them in supporting the well-being of your four-legged companions at Suzie’s CBD Treats.

Suzie's has been kind enough to support us with donations of their products for our Greyhounds.

Pet First Aid & CPR Resource Guide
When a loved one is badly injured, chokes, or stops breathing, people need to understand what action to take. For that reason, learning basic first aid and CPR is of the utmost importance. Most often, however, when a person thinks of learning these skills, it is for the benefit of humans, with little or no thought given to emergency care for their pets. Animals such as dogs or cats may also become injured to the point that they require emergency care. When this happens, people are often at a loss for what needs to be done and how. For serious injuries, pet owners will want to get their pets to a veterinarian as quickly as possible. Basic first aid will help to keep the animal stable until it reaches professional care. The type of first aid administered depends on the injury or exposure that has occurred.

A Pet Owner's Guide to Dental Care
As much as in humans, dental health is an important part of your pet's overall health. Pets, like their owners, can get cavities, loose teeth and tooth abscesses. If your pet has bad breath it can be a sign of periodontal disease resulting from a build-up of plaque. If plaque is not removed, your pet can end up with a bacterial infection. The bacterial infection can spread through his bloodstream into your pet's body systems where it can damage his liver, kidneys, even his heart and brain.<read more>

Physical Therapy for Pets
Our pets take care of us in many capacities. Humans who have a companion animal generally have better cardiovascular health, a decreased likelihood of depression, reduced stress, and more social interactions. Pets have a tangible impact on our overall well-being. In recent years, doctors and physical therapists have even used pets to help humans rehabilitate in what's called animal-assisted therapy, or AAT. They are now a staple for many therapies and treatments. Dogs, cats, horses, and other animals tend to be very good for our well-being, but what about them? Sometimes, our pets need the rehabilitation services that humans have the luxury to have access to. (Read more)

Other Greyhound Groups 

National Greyhound Association (NGA) Adoption Links
The National Greyhound Association has published a resource list of credible, responsible adoption groups to our membership, owners, kennels, haulers and trainers. It is our goal that the list may also prove to be an assistance to those coordinating hauls and hopefully will be another re-direct for those looking to adopt. The list is comprised of groups we feel are responsible in practices as well as their professionalism towards our sport and dogs. It is a working list, adding and changing as more information is shared, groups come and go and industry demographics change.