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Kimi (“Ka-Poo”)
10/25/2001 - 08/15/16

We always seem to add to each of our “Babies” names – her registered name was Kimlea, but we called her “Kimi”, “Kimi Ka-Poo”, “Ka-Poo”, “Little Girl”, and any one of a number of others.

She was our first female Greyhound, and as with any female, she took over control of the house and our other boys.  She ruled with an iron fist, and kept them all in line, and they loved her dearly.  She fell in love with one of our other Greyhounds, “Hootie”, who was an awesome Blue Fawn, and stalked him in the yard anytime they were in the yard together.  It was an act of affection, and they played together pretty vigorously.  She also played and ran through the yard with “Dean” (our first Greyhound puppy), and they all got along and loved each other without question.  Walks were interesting (walking three at a time), but they never let each other out of sight and were always together.

Early in our relationship, we volunteered for a number of different Greyhound Adoption groups, and not only Captained and attended quite a few “Meet-and-Greet” events at PetCo and PetSmart stores  twice a month, and though a little bashful meeting other people, she was very gentle and friendly and was an exceptional Ambassador during those events.  She travelled quite well, though for the first few minutes of the car ride, she trembled and drooled until the others calmed her down and she realized we were not returning her, but she was completely calm on the return trips knowing we were going back home.  She was also very tolerant of Cindy’s creativeness when we went to a number of Annual Reunions and the costumes that Cindy created for them.  She was very cute in them, and they all won a number of prizes as a result of them.  She was also a very good judge of people and other dogs, and protected her mom from any potential “bad people/dogs”.

Oh, part of the reason we used to call her “Ka-Poo” on occasion is because when we first got her, we noticed some very small poops in the back yard, and we thought we had a cat visiting the yard – nope.  She was vary dainty doing her business.  And that’s how she earned that nickname (cat poo = Ka Poo).

She also had this weird habit of laying periodically like she had been hit by a car (see last photo).  Not sure how that could have been comfortable, but it must have been since she did it a lot, so I kept asking her when she let the car in the house.

Recently, she adopted me as her primary “person”, and followed me everywhere I went, and laid next to me by my feet wherever I was in the house or the yard.  If I got up and went into another room, she followed me there and lay next to me again.  She also slept on my side of the bed on the floor, though I did have her bed there, but she seldom left my side.  She always raised her paw for me so I could rub and scratch her tummy, and took joy in sharing my des serts at night.  She really was a sweetheart.

Ultimately, we had her the longest, and she was the oldest Greyhound we ever had, and we will miss her dearly.  She is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us now, and has her health and strength back, and we look forward to seeing her again when it is our time.

We love you, Kimi…