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These are photo of Greyhounds that are now in their forever homes. Why not adopt one and add your own happy ending?


Noelle is a puppy who found her home with the Van Cleve family.
And just in time for Christmas!

Hold aka Phoenix

Here's Phoenix (formerly Hold) with Heather and Brandon. Merry Christmas to all!


Maggie (Neartic) with her human pets, Betsy and Michael

Never and Zeke

Jon & Heidi with their new hounds ... Zeke (L) and Never (R)


Crystal (Left Um Cryin) with Cheryl


Here's McCoy with  Laura & Mike. This boy is lucky to have found a home with great people and two other Greys for pals!


Molly with her new family

Tessa before

Here's Tessa (formerly "Double Squeeze". The top photo shows the shy girl at the kennels...the second shows the same, much happier girl at home with Greg (who isn't pictured because he is taking the photo!)

Tessa after

Ruff and family

Ruff with his new parents, Megan and Shaun. He's training them on the proper way for them to spoil him!


Burt with his new family... Cheryl and Tom. They fell in love with him as soon as he walked in the door. He's going to be one spoiled hound!

PC, Rich and Bill

PJ with his new family, Rich and Bill in Scottsdale.


Echo in her new home!


Thanks to the cooperation of everyone involved, Frankie has found a wonderful new home with Don and Karen in Tucson. He is a very lucky boy.

The Class

Back in December, Kat Loveland adopted Black Train. Kat is a dog trainer for PetsMart in Scottsdale where GPA-AZ holds a monthly meet and greet. Kat began training work with Black Train and soon we were talking about a "Greyhounds only" training class. After eight weekly meetings four Greyhounds graduated the class today. Training included teaching the Greyhound to focus on the owner, wait, stay and come commands and even walking off leash (within the confines of the store).




Aimee and Drummer

Gracie & Lily

Lily and Gracie Iwaskow - Play time is Greyt!

Stella Umbrella

Miss Stella Umbrella (Still Standing) and her wrestling partner 

Monst sez Uncle, Uncle!!!

Imagine at her new home

Imagine with Janelle and John at her new home


Clint with his family
Here's Clint (now Woody) with Cal & Nikki


Drum and Sarah

This wonderful photo is Drum and Sarah. Sarah adopted on Christmas Eve,
what a wonderful gift to Drum!