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These are photo of Greyhounds that are now in their forever homes. Why not adopt one and add your own happy ending?

Violet & Spottie

From L to R: Spottie (now Scottie), Sierra and Violet
With the Hiltners



Xanadu with the Van Puffelens


Big Bob

Big Bob joins the Hatfield family



Kiara (middle) joins Misty Lynn (L) and Shilo (R) and the Sulas



Kerry anad son Alex have chosen Kinky to join their home.
Notice that Kinky matches Alex's hair.



Amy showing off her swimming skills at Lynx Lake. She loves to swim, and always makes sure her audience is admiring her technique.  We adore her!!
Ken and Sharon



Blossom with Archie and his new pal Yogi



Lola with foster failure Mom Doree



Firearm with his new family



Yogi with his new family!


Walls with Mike & Vicki


Ashira (R) and her friend Clover, with Andy & Christina

Gypsy & Max

Gypsy with her boy, Max


Birdie with her new people!


Bailey with the Llorens. Rocket loves to rest his head on Bailey's neck!


Here is Rhythm Salas with her new family, what a happy girl!


Christy has found her forever home with Mark & Jen

Batey & Kidd
Kidd & Batey

Boney (as in Bonaparte, formerly Batey) and Kidd enjoy a walk in their New Mexico home. Above, lounging in the grass. Caroline and Jimmy say the two walk, eat and snuggle together...

Opa and Mango with Bill

Bill is shown with his arms around his two new adopted Greys, Opa (on the left) and Mango (on the right), plus his own dog, Mac, looking on. Opa had to have ALL of his teeth removed and foster Bill could not part with him after everything that they had been through together. Opa and Mango are very lucky kids.

Gracie & Lacey

Gracey and Lacey with their new parents, Wendy and Mike

Smiling Jack & Julie

Smilin' Jack and his friend Julie

Concho & Susanne

Concho Tyra and Susanne


Kidd Campbell lounging in his New Mexico home. He'll be join soon by Batey!


Kat enjoying her new home.

Roxy and Jenavieve

Roxy and Jenavieve strike a pose!

Bill & Rush

Bill and Rush, another successful "Failed Foster"!


Rocket and his new family

Fuzz Face Honor

Hannah (Fuzz Face Honor)

Her new Mom says "I adopted Honor in late in January and  I've started calling her
'Hannah'. I just LOVE this girl! She is so cute, funny, curious
and loves to cuddle. She is adapting well...even Bailey (the
cat) is finding the new kid at the house to be OK.  Hannah and
Cora (11 yr old Boxer) are working on who's number 2.  

Thanks to you and Hannah for coming into my life. "

Fuzz Face Honor

Pierski at his new home

Pierski has a new home and a new friend...


Tommy has found a home with Harriet (L). Shari (R) will also be involved with his care. He's one of our Maricopa dogs.


And here is Pete, now living with Squirt (see below). Pete's almost 10 and Squirt is but 7 months. The others are a 4 yr old Border Collie and 13 yr old Black Lab.

Pete & Squirt

Pete & Squirt


Squirt with his new family!

Karen and Scout

Karen and Scout with Anne and William at their new home in Surprise.



Noelle is a puppy who found her home with the Van Cleve family.
And just in time for Christmas!

Hold aka Phoenix

Here's Phoenix (formerly Hold) with Heather and Brandon. Merry Christmas to all!


Maggie (Neartic) with her human pets, Betsy and Michael

Never and Zeke

Jon & Heidi with their new hounds ... Zeke (L) and Never (R)


Crystal (Left Um Cryin) with Cheryl


Here's McCoy with  Laura & Mike. This boy is lucky to have found a home with great people and two other Greys for pals!


Molly with her new family

Tessa before

Here's Tessa (formerly "Double Squeeze". The top photo shows the shy girl at the kennels...the second shows the same, much happier girl at home with Greg (who isn't pictured because he is taking the photo!)

Tessa after

Ruff and family

Ruff with his new parents, Megan and Shaun. He's training them on the proper way for them to spoil him!


Burt with his new family... Cheryl and Tom. They fell in love with him as soon as he walked in the door. He's going to be one spoiled hound!

PC, Rich and Bill

PJ with his new family, Rich and Bill in Scottsdale.


Echo in her new home!


Thanks to the cooperation of everyone involved, Frankie has found a wonderful new home with Don and Karen in Tucson. He is a very lucky boy.

The Class

Back in December, Kat Loveland adopted Black Train. Kat is a dog trainer for PetsMart in Scottsdale where GPA-AZ holds a monthly meet and greet. Kat began training work with Black Train and soon we were talking about a "Greyhounds only" training class. After eight weekly meetings four Greyhounds graduated the class today. Training included teaching the Greyhound to focus on the owner, wait, stay and come commands and even walking off leash (within the confines of the store).




Aimee and Drummer

Gracie & Lily

Lily and Gracie Iwaskow - Play time is Greyt!

Stella Umbrella

Miss Stella Umbrella (Still Standing) and her wrestling partner 

Monst sez Uncle, Uncle!!!

Imagine at her new home

Imagine with Janelle and John at her new home


Clint with his family
Here's Clint (now Woody) with Cal & Nikki


Drum and Sarah

This wonderful photo is Drum and Sarah. Sarah adopted on Christmas Eve,
what a wonderful gift to Drum!

Yarbo & Hannah at Yarbo's new home

Yarbo with his new girl Hannah in California

Batman & Captain Jack Wulfbane

Batman (Ryan) and Captain Jack (Wulfbane) at Halloween

Dawn's new home with

Dawn (Wild Til Dawn) at her new home with Stephanie and sister Paris

Heidi at home

Here's Heidi (Hide nor Hair) at home with her kitty friend. Who says Greyhounds and cats can't be they are dining side by side in an open crate.

Momma (Just Browsing) worked her motherly charm on Jan and now has a new home she shares with another Greyhound named Fletcher and several cats. And is learning that 3am is too early to wake up. Her new name is Molly.


Here's Terrific with his new family, Earl and Susan. The flash caught her eyes and gives her the "green eyed" look.


Look at those eyes...

Betsy & Victory

Our beautiful brindle Ann in her new home with Betsy & Howard

Jazmin & Family

Jazmin (RDs Joggle) with her new family, Szabi, Susan and Ilona

Reina and family

Here's Reina with her new family, Collette and Jim.


Here's Foster out exploring poolside at his new home with Asia.

Truly Scrumptious (Altruistic) settling in with her new
momma Cheryl Walsh and her skin sister Maggie.



New adopter Obsidian DeLeau of Prescott with Zeus (aka Squeaky)


Strange with his new family, Dwight, Danielle, Ashleigh & Sam of Prescott


Lanie is our new family member. We adopted her in February. She instantly adapted to our home. She enjoys relaxing on her pillow in the living room. The second picture is her excitement she has when we come home from work. Lots of love and kisses!!!

The Benoche Family
Steve, Sharon, Gina, and Max




Amber as motorcycle Mama

Two photos of Amber, a certified Service Dog. She was adopted by Alexis and Brent, and is seen here working hard at a meet and greet!Amber blowing kisses


Here's Dixie with her new adopted family! Lucky girl.

Montana is enjoying his first Christmas in a home, with Roger and Barbara. They planned to foster, but within a few hours decided to adopt instead. (How could thathappen?!?!) He is doing a good job of learning manners including sitting on command.


Lady the Service Dog

Several months ago we adopted Lady (Congenial Lady) to Brent and Alexa Mowery. They have since trained her and had her certified as a service dog for both medical and psychological purposes. 

Lady had tried out two other homes before moving in with the Mowerys and she appears to be thriving with her new career.

Lady the Service Dog

Blanca & Ginger

Blanca playing with her new playmate, Ginger!

Blanca now lives with the Sam, Kathleen, Ginger and Granny D in Chandler.


Lady, now living with Alexis and Brent



Brazen with Dan, Eva and Jamee. Looks like a rough life, doesn't it?

Batman's family

Batman (No Battery Needed) with his family, Diana,
Noah and Dan and the resident dog, Shani
Batman & Noah 

Batman and Noah.


Special (on the left in top photo) 

Special in the grass
Special is convinced that there is a treat in the grass!



Allie (center black Grey) at home with the new family, Jay, Julie, Ava & Swede.


Custer at home with his new family, Randy and Rebecca.

Custer sunbathing by the pool, rough life!



India at her new home with Donna, Gary and her Grey-mate, Gunner.


Drums and Alyssa

Drums with Alyssa. Kim and Scott think he's the best dog
and offer their thanks for uniting them with him.


Leprachaun joins her new family


Gloryoski with her new friend Michala

Jolene & Sadie

Jolene (front) with Sadie at Linda Nelson's home

Molly, Bill & Son

Molly, with Bill & his son

Tory adopted

Tory with her new parents


Cassie with her new parents, Judy and Ralph.

Scout Polka Dot

Makenzie with Scout and Polka Dot

Becky at home

Becky with her new people!

Bopper & Barbie

Bopper at home with Barbie


Cairo at his new home


Chic with Dee and John


Chloe with her new man!

Sammy at home

Sammy with his new parents