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These are photo of Greyhounds that are now in their forever homes. Why not adopt one and add your own happy ending?

Yarbo & Hannah at Yarbo's new home

Yarbo with his new girl Hannah in California

Batman & Captain Jack Wulfbane

Batman (Ryan) and Captain Jack (Wulfbane) at Halloween

Dawn's new home with

Dawn (Wild Til Dawn) at her new home with Stephanie and sister Paris

Heidi at home

Here's Heidi (Hide nor Hair) at home with her kitty friend. Who says Greyhounds and cats can't be they are dining side by side in an open crate.

Momma (Just Browsing) worked her motherly charm on Jan and now has a new home she shares with another Greyhound named Fletcher and several cats. And is learning that 3am is too early to wake up. Her new name is Molly.


Here's Terrific with his new family, Earl and Susan. The flash caught her eyes and gives her the "green eyed" look.


Look at those eyes...

Betsy & Victory

Our beautiful brindle Ann in her new home with Betsy & Howard

Jazmin & Family

Jazmin (RDs Joggle) with her new family, Szabi, Susan and Ilona

Reina and family

Here's Reina with her new family, Collette and Jim.


Here's Foster out exploring poolside at his new home with Asia.

Truly Scrumptious (Altruistic) settling in with her new
momma Cheryl Walsh and her skin sister Maggie.



New adopter Obisidian DeLeau of Prescott with Zeus (aka Squeaky)


Strange with his new family, Dwight, Danielle, Ashleigh & Sam of Prescott


Lanie is our new family member. We adopted her in February. She instantly adapted to our home. She enjoys relaxing on her pillow in the living room. The second picture is her excitement she has when we come home from work. Lots of love and kisses!!!

The Benoche Family
Steve, Sharon, Gina, and Max




Amber as motorcycle Mama

Two photos of Amber, a certified Service Dog. She was adopted by Alexis and Brent, and is seen here working hard at a meet and greet!Amber blowing kisses