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These are photo of Greyhounds that are now in their forever homes. Why not adopt one and add your own happy ending?

Montana is enjoying his first Christmas in a home, with Roger and Barbara. They planned to foster, but within a few hours decided to adopt instead. (How could thathappen?!?!) He is doing a good job of learning manners including sitting on command.


Lady the Service Dog

Several months ago we adopted Lady (Congenial Lady) to Brent and Alexa Mowery. They have since trained her and had her certified as a service dog for both medical and psychological purposes. 

Lady had tried out two other homes before moving in with the Mowerys and she appears to be thriving with her new career.

Lady the Service Dog

Blanca & Ginger

Blanca playing with her new playmate, Ginger!

Blanca now lives with the Sam, Kathleen, Ginger and Granny D in Chandler.


Lady, now living with Alexis and Brent



Brazen with Dan, Eva and Jamee. Looks like a rough life, doesn't it?

Batman's family

Batman (No Battery Needed) with his family, Diana,
Noah and Dan and the resident dog, Shani
Batman & Noah 

Batman and Noah.


Special (on the left in top photo) 

Special in the grass
Special is convinced that there is a treat in the grass!



Allie (center black Grey) at home with the new family, Jay, Julie, Ava & Swede.


Custer at home with his new family, Randy and Rebecca.

Custer sunbathing by the pool, rough life!



India at her new home with Donna, Gary and her Grey-mate, Gunner.


Drums and Alyssa

Drums with Alyssa. Kim and Scott think he's the best dog
and offer their thanks for uniting them with him.


Leprachaun joins her new family


Gloryoski with her new friend Michala

Jolene & Sadie

Jolene (front) with Sadie at Linda Nelson's home

Molly, Bill & Son

Molly, with Bill & his son

Tory adopted

Tory with her new parents


Cassie with her new parents, Judy and Ralph.

Scout Polka Dot

Makenzie with Scout and Polka Dot

Becky at home

Becky with her new people!

Bopper & Barbie

Bopper at home with Barbie


Cairo at his new home


Chic with Dee and John


Chloe with her new man!

Sammy at home

Sammy with his new parents