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This application is step one in the process of adopting a retired racing Greyhound. If at any time you need assistance or clarification, please feel free to contact Greyhound Pets of Arizona at (877) 454-3647. Adoption applications completed by adults under the age of 21 will not be considered unless there is concrete evidence that there is financial and environmental stability to support this retired athlete.

Greyhound Pets of Arizona reserves the right to verify all information provided in this application and will not deny adoptions to anyone based on sex, race, creed, nationality, religious preference or other discriminatory practices.

Adoption Requirements

Adopting a Greyhound is a lifetime commitment. The Greyhound can be expected to live in excess of 12 years. To ensure safety and health of the Greyhound the following adoption requirements must be complied with explicitly. Please do not consider adoption if you will not be able to meet this lifetime commitment or adhere to these requirements.

1. It is vital to keep your Greyhound on a leash whenever it is outdoors, unless it is in a completely fenced-in area. NEVER trust it not to run.
2. You must keep it collared and said collar must bear identification at all times.
3. If your Greyhound should become lost, you must contact Greyhound Pets of Arizona or Greyhound Pets of Arizona's approved vet immediately.
4. If you should ever decide you cannot/do not want to keep your Greyhound, you must notify Greyhound Pets of Arizona before taking any action. You may not give your dog away to anyone else without Greyhound Pets of Arizona consent, nor can you turn it over to a pound or other humane shelter.
5. You must agree to keep your Greyhound as a pet and never attempt to use it for breeding, pari-mutuel racing or laboratory research.
6. Greyhound Pets of Arizona will insure that the Greyhound you adopt is in good physical health and will have completed the following medical procedures: Spay/neuter, dental cleaning, polishing and extractions if needed, all current vaccinations including rabies, heartworm and tick fever tests, worming and microchip identification. You will need to maintain up to date and complete medical care for your Greyhound.
7. Your Greyhound's racing career is over and can never be reactivated.
8. The adoption fee is $325.00 and is non-refundable.
9. All adoptions made by Greyhound Pets of Arizona are made with the understanding that the pet will be maintained as a house pet.

Privacy Statement: Your privacy is very important to us. Greyhound Pets of Arizona respects your concerns about maintaining strict privacy. Any information that you divulge to us is kept in confidence, and used only to help determine the suitability of a Greyhound adoption by your household. We also use various forms of the data for mailing information to you about us, and also for fund raising efforts by our group. We do not provide this information to anyone else unless you give us permission. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose mailing lists or other personally identifiable information to anyone outside our organization. On occasion we are asked by an outside source to provide the names of our adopters. We do not share such names or other identifying information unless you specifically authorize us to do so. We do not give out information regarding the kennel, trainer or owner of the Greyhound being adopted unless the kennel, trainer or owner has granted such permission.

Read our complete Privacy Policy


I/We have read and understand the Adoption Requirements and agree to abide by them. I/We also understand the Privacy Policy for all adopters. If I/We qualify and receive a Greyhound from Greyhound Pets of Arizona, I/We will accept full responsibility for the Greyhound and all of its incidental care. I/We certify by our submission of this form that all of the information on this application is true and correct.